Janice H Lord

Janice Harris Lord

Since my 75th birthday, I have devoted most of my time to distribution of my books to those who will benefit most from them.

In addition, I am very excited about the Daughters of Abraham groups I formed in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, an interfaith network of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim women who gather monthly to learn more about one another.

On occasion, I provide consultation, speaking and expert witness work. I am no longer taking new trauma therapy clients. However, I know excellent trauma therapists all over the country and would be happy to give you a good referral.

Daughters of Abraham

After 9/11, I felt compelled to try to mend relationships among the three faiths with roots back to Abraham: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The task seemed overwhelming, so I tried putting it out of my mind for a few months. Then the idea came to me to begin small, seeking out 6 women of each faith for a total of 18, to meet once a month just for discussion – no speeches or workshops – focused on a single discussion topic. Thus, Daughters of Abraham was born. My hope was that we would discover many more commonalities than differences. That, indeed, is what happened. We now have four groups in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with attendance ranging from 15 to 60. Other groups have formed throughout the country based on our simple model.